Maranatha Pointers – April 2024

By Maranatha | 16th April 2024
Here are our notes from our online gathering on 7th April 2024
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Maranatha Pointers – March 2024

By Maranatha | 8th March 2024
Notes from online gathering Sunday 3rd March 2024.
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Maranatha Pointers – February 2024

By Maranatha | 16th February 2024
Notes from the Maranatha Weekend gathering & online gathering
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Maranatha Pointers – January 2024

By Maranatha | 8th January 2024
It was a great joy to gather as ONE people at the beginning of the New Year, to offer our worship to the King of kings and Lord of lords,...
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Maranatha Pointers – December 2023

By Maranatha | 7th December 2023
The notes below are a brief summary of our monthly online gathering on Sunday 3rd December. In keeping with the pattern that the Lord has set out for us, we...
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Maranatha Pointers – November 2023

By Maranatha | 13th November 2023
Since our last online gathering we have seen serious conflict break out in the Middle East. We believe this is a significant indicator of an intensification of the spiritual battle...
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Maranatha Pointers – October 2023

By Maranatha | 3rd October 2023
We ‘gathered’ again online last Sunday, 1st October, affirming our oneness in Christ and offering the Lord worship. It seems that, month by month, there is an increasing integrity and...
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Maranatha Pointers – September 2023

By Maranatha | 8th September 2023
During our gathering this month the dominant theme was LIGHT and REVELATION. In this ‘new time’, we believe the Lord is bringing new revelation to ordinary Christians – that he...
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Maranatha Pointers – August 2023

By Maranatha | 23rd August 2023
This month’s ‘Pointers’ is a summary of the key points from our Maranatha gathering in Birmingham in July and our online gathering on August 6th. A series of words were...
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Maranatha Pointers – July 2023

By Maranatha | 5th July 2023
A clear theme of ‘consecration‘ emerged during our online gathering on Sunday 2nd July, which we will explore further as we gather together in Birmingham later this month. You can see a...
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Maranatha Pointers – June 2023

By Maranatha | 7th June 2023
The following ‘pointers’ are a brief summary of what was shared during our online gathering on Sunday 4th June. We fully understand that not everyone is able to join online so,...
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Maranatha Pointers – May 2023

By Maranatha | 23rd May 2023
Our online gathering began with reading Ps 133 and an affirmation of our oneness in Christ. There was a tangible sense of the presence of God as we gathered, even though...
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Maranatha Pointers – April 2023

By Maranatha | 19th April 2023
Last month, the Lord reaffirmed the foundational words given for the Maranatha Community: HEALING, UNITY, RENEWAL. This month, the whole theme of our gathering was SILENCE – a reminder of...
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Maranatha Pointers – March 2023

By Maranatha | 10th March 2023
During our online gathering this month, the Lord brought three key themes to our attention – a wonderful confirmation of the calling of the Community: HEALING RENEWAL UNITY
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Maranatha Pointers – February 2023

By Maranatha | 20th February 2023
Here are the ‘pointers’ from our online gathering on Sunday 5th February:
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Weekend Gathering – Pointers

By Maranatha | 16th February 2023
We enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship in worship and listening to the Lord during our special ‘Advance’ weekend gathering at the end of January 2023. Sixty of us were...
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Maranatha Pointers – January 2023

By Maranatha | 11th January 2023
At the beginning of our first online gathering of 2023, as we offered our worship to the Lord as one people, we were reminded that we are part of a...
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Maranatha Pointers – December 2022

By Maranatha | 9th December 2022
During this month’s online gathering on Sunday 4th December, when we were united in the Lord’s presence, the following points emerged:
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Maranatha Pointers – November 2022

By Maranatha | 8th November 2022
Prior to this month’s online gathering on Sunday 6th November, we had been given the phrase: “The Lord Almighty is about to speak! Are you paying attention?” We believe this...
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Maranatha Pointers – October 2022

By Maranatha | 7th October 2022
Members of the Maranatha Community gathered on-line, using Zoom relayed to YouTube, on Sunday 2nd October. We started our time together online by praying ‘Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus!’, opening our...
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By Maranatha | 28th October 2021
Here is our latest newsletter, which outlines the key themes through which the Lord has spoken to us during the year.  He is calling us to a fresh, deeper expression...
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Annual Report for 2021

By Maranatha | 3rd June 2021
As a Registered Charity (no 327627) The Maranatha Community Trust produces an Annual Report each year, including acccounts, and this is posted on the website of the Charity Commission. The...
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By Maranatha | 28th January 2021
As we enter a New Year, what are we hoping for? Our response gives away our focus. This Maranatha Newsletter includes:WHAT ARE WE PERCEIVING Worldwide move…… If we want to….....
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Ascend – Advance – Online Gatherings

By Maranatha | 8th December 2020
In this series of Maranatha gatherings, we are endeavouring to respond to the Lord’s call to ‘ASCEND’ and ‘ADVANCE’ together as one people. We believe the Lord is calling His...
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By Maranatha | 29th October 2020
The Lord has been preparing and positioning His people across the earth for a new season, ripe with new opportunities to increase His Kingdom. This newsletter tells you Maranatha’s response...
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