Maranatha Pointers – May 2024

Time to Advance

Time to Advance

We have been ‘gathering’ monthly, online, since November 2020, when the Lord called us to ‘ASCEND and ADVANCE’. In His wisdom God has persistently urged us to focus on what it means to ‘ASCEND’ – to dwell more fully in our position in Christ, in the heavenly realms. We have understood that, in particular, we are to distance ourselves from the world’s media, to rise above the noise of the many voices that would seek to influence us, and to attune our ears to the Lord’s voice. We are constantly reminded that the Lord’s thoughts and ways are so much higher than ours (Is 55.8-9) and He invites us, more than that, He yearns for His people to listen to Him and to learn His ways, for our good and for the good of all creation. We believe that now the Lord is wanting us to learn how to ADVANCE. 

Our online ‘gathering’, on Sunday May 5th, began with a period of worship and time spent in the Lord’s presence in the ‘ASCENDED’ place. This is a summary of the key points from what was shared:

  • There is a fresh wind of God’s Spirit coming as breath. This breath in God’s people needs to be ‘focussed’ as in the blowing of a trumpet, in order to produce a clear sound. All the players in the orchestra need to submit to the notes and rests written by the creator of the piece as well as to the timing of the conductor. In this way, there will be order which enables prophecy (see 1Cor 14). “The Lord will put the trumpet in the hands of those who will make a clear sound”.  We are not to mix God’s Word with our own or the world’s words and we are not to confuse His ways with ours. There is a heavenly pattern, marked by righteousness. Our call is to discover and join with what the Lord is doing in righteousness.
  • An image was shared, of a type of ‘ornamental socket’ which had the appearance of the place in a lampstand where a blazing torch can be placed. This ‘socket’ has been prepared over time and is now ready to receive the torch by being aligned with the one who is placing it. The alignment is effected through/in love. This is thought to be an image of the Church being prepared by God to receive a new fire (see Rev 1-3).  A further image was shared, of a light going on and off intermittently because of a faulty switch. Does the Church/do we need a ‘new switch’?  The messages to the churches in John’s vision (Rev 2-3) warned that if there was not a change in their ways the lampstand would be removed.
  • Luke 8.16-18 “No one lights a lamp and hides it… they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Therefore consider carefully how you listen…” There is a counterfeit love, which is propagated in wounded hearts which are vulnerable to deception. It does not align with the Truth and Love of God’s Spirit expressed in Scripture and seeks to superimpose its own will over God’s. We have received God’s Love as the gift of His Spirit poured into our hearts. Jesus is the Light and He is the Truth.

We asked the Lord “How are we to ADVANCE?”

  • Pursue ‘the narrow way within the narrow way’ – the image of a tightrope was given and also the image of a narrow bridge suspended high above a deep ravine, leading to an open door. In both instances the instruction is not to look down but to fix our eyes upon Jesus. We should not be distracted by the temptation to engage in working out what is happening. We are simply to look for, pursue, and keep our eyes on the Light. A further image was shared, of two swings. One had a child seated on it, the other had the form of a cross. The two need to swing in time, together. 
  • Pray daily for protection by ‘washing and soaking’
  • Help others to ASCEND – as a shepherd uses his crook on a mountainside to help a sheep. We should pray and ask the Lord who He is putting in our path to join with in fellowship, perhaps within a Maranatha ‘cell’ or group. 
  • Be ready to address the situations the Lord places before us. The example of Joshua facing Jericho was given. As we listen to the Lord’s precise instructions and step out in obedience and faith, we will see strongholds demolished. He gives us the power to do this.

We are keen to encourage everyone to take to heart what we believe the Lord is saying to us – to ADVANCE His purposes and His ways in our hearts and minds first and foremost. We are, therefore, spending time in worship and prayer with this specific focus during the coming week.