Finding what you're looking for in our website

The Maranatha Community website is designed with newcomers in mind, who will explore what Maranatha is all about via the different sections on our homepage, but maybe you’ve come here looking for something specific, in which case the following might help you find it –

On any page of the site, somewhere on your screen (depending on your device) you should see the MENU symbol  which when clicked enables you to directly navigate to various pages.

Maranatha Newsletters, and other news and announcements, can be found on the Latest News page, and upgoing events are in the Calendar.

Most of our Publications are available for free-download on the Read page.

On any web-page you can use your browser’s search facility (eg Ctrl-F on a PC, Command-F on a Mac) to search for keywords on that page. This is particularly useful on the Read page.

Clicking the word “Maranatha” at the top of any page takes you back to the homepage.