The Maranatha Community

Christians united in prayer and action

In 2018 we sowed the seed – the ‘DNA’ – of our Community into the ground as we laid down its very life in hope, as an act of faithful obedience. Since then we have continually and faithfully prayed ‘Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus’, seeking the Lord’s will for our Community.

We believe the first signs are now emerging of a new thing – a new ‘wineskin’ – which we have been waiting for. We make no presumptions about the way in which the Lord will shape the Maranatha Community in this new time. We believe He is calling us now to re-gather; to worship Him; to listen to Him; to discern together this new thing the Lord is revealing, as we share fellowship together.

This year we have had three online gatherings to affirm the deep reality of our oneness, which is not merely physical but, in truth, the essence of the bond we have with one another in Christ. With one heart and mind, united by the Holy Spirit, we pray together, “Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus!”. We continue to seek and discern Our Lord’s will for our community and you can replay our Sept 2020 online gathering here.