Life Prayer

Are you ready to abandon yourself to prayer and healing?

Can words describe Life Prayer?

It isn’t a technique. Or a therapy. It’s not problem-solving. Or crisis management. There is no questionnaire. You don’t need to share your story.
It has been described as ‘an intensely person-focused ministry of prayer, celebration, discernment, healing and liberation’.

Past recipients have called it:

“Powerful” “Extraordinary” “Moving” “Transformative” “Profound” “Reawakening”

Do you want to feel right with the Lord? Are you open and ready to abandon yourself to prayer and healing? For the whole of you – past and present?

Talk to us. If Life Prayer is right for you, our co-ordinating team will ask the Holy Spirit to direct us further.

Call us on 0161 748 4858 or leave us a message and we will call you back.

Connect With Us

I am fragile, Lord,

Easily bruised,
To the cuts and curses
Of a cruel world.
So often
I hurt
Deep within me.
Wounded and alone
I hear your weeping,
And begin to receive
Your comfort,
And the knowledge
That your dawn
Will surely come,
That your light
Will shine forth,
And the shadows
Flee away.