All of us need healing. Mind, body, spirit. Wholeness.

Jesus healed. Openly. Again and again.

By word. By touch. By command. At a distance.

Most were well-known in the community. All powerful; verifiable; proven.

Jesus knew this. ‘Don’t believe me. Believe the evidence’.

Healing stories make up a fifth of the entire Gospels.
And healing is still paramount.
Right here. Right now.
All of us need healing. Mind, body, spirit. Wholeness.
A right relationship with God. This is healing.
Curing is not healing. Curing deals with effects.
Healing brings pain to light. Healing tackles root causes. And effects.

And every prayer for healing is answered. One way or another.

It’s integral. A done deal.

Admit. Believe. Receive.

Jesus gives us power and authority to heal others.
And that includes you. Whoever you are. Whatever your need.
All we ask is your openness, your humility and your willing desire.

God will do the rest.

And then there’s Life Prayer.
We are all precious and unique to God.
Healing can also mean thanksgiving. For the whole of you. Your life. Your unique gifts.
Healing and celebration of you. The one and only. Sounds powerful doesn’t it?
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