Bringing a deeper knowledge of yourself and God

Light out of Darkness

Over many years the Lord has given great blessings through the Light out of Darkness courses that have been run within the Maranatha Community. Based on a book written by Sr. Kathleen O’Sullivan, God has used this course to teach Christians about deepening spirituality and contemplative prayer.

Light out of Darkness has been run by Maranatha as a series of week-long retreats:

  • Stepping out in Faith
  • Building with the Spirit
  • Waiting with God in the Desert
  • Encountering God in Silence

– but the course can also be done as a series of evening meetings.

As part of the laying down of the community we have decided for the time being that we will not be offering any retreats this year.

The Book of the course can be bought from us here, and the set of DVDs here.