Maranatha Pointers – April 2024

Here are our notes from our online gathering on 7th April 2024

Here are our notes from our online gathering on 7th April 2024:

  • A new thing, a new way – The word ‘heart bypass‘ was given with the picture of a heart – a new path for blood to flow around a blocked/partially blocked artery. The word artery was emphasised. Another picture was shared – a patchwork quilt, where the patches were not adjacent to each other but separated by a band of material. The quilt was old and worn. The band of material between the patches was seen to be like channels for the water of life. There was also a need for some of the patches to be relocated. We were encouraged to ask the Lord if He wants to relocate us as individuals. A further picture was shared of a chessboard, on which the Lord was moving pieces, in particular moving the kings and queens to make way for the pawns to move to a ‘higher’ place.  The Lord is working His Kingdom purposes out, often in ways we are not aware of. Blockages may refer to our ‘usual’ ways, which were good for a previous time, but not for this new time. Our expectations of what the Lord wants of us need to be re-formed. The Lord wants his people to be ‘arteries’ of new life for the Body of Christ. Prayer: “Lord, what is the blocked artery in my life and what is the new way you want for me?” 
  • Unity – is essential for the Body of Christ. It is the prerequisite for the Holy Spirit to come in power: “All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer….When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.”  (Acts 1.14, 2.1). It is the power of God’s love.
  • Celebrate the signs of God’s activity – we should not only be waiting for the Lord to move in power, we should celebrate what is already taking place. A number of examples were given, one of which is that Richard Dawkins has recently declared himself to be a ‘cultural Christian’, which suggests a shift in his former totally atheistic position. We spent time in praise and thanksgiving for all the Lord is doing. As we did this, the following words were given: 

We hold open a banner in the heavens
With your name
Your light illuminates the open scrolls
Their letters glint in gold
And pulse with blood
Swords flash with diamond stems
Slashing down, long, aged, roots of rot
Cloaking the minds of many,
May your spirit shoot, shout and seep 
throughout the whole universe and beyond 
As you take your rightful place
And are known, witnessed and seen
As being who
You truly are

  • God’s call to his people – pray and act expectantly! God is waiting for His Church to move from a position of passivity to one of active faith and faithfulness. There are no observers in the Body of Christ. For the Maranatha Community, it is time for a renewed commitment to reach out to other Christians in our locality to affirm our unity in Christ.
  • There is more! – the Lord is wanting to do a ‘spiritual stretching’, bringing a new dimension to what we already have. We prayed for this to come about. “How blessed are those who know their need of God…” (Mt 5.3).

Words given during the gathering
Look at my creation, the beauty; I flung stars into space, the bright light which is shown in the stars. Each one of you is a part of My spiritual universe, sharing in My Spirit. Hold on to your part of the universe and treasure what I have given you.

Albeit that you are My people, I honour you as a slave honours his master, because I serve you and you call out to Me for help in all your needs. There is nothing I cannot do for you, in the natural and in the spiritual. Turn to Me, cry out to Me, for every request is answered in My magnanimity.