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Foundational Documents

Christian Unity

An Imperative – not an option. We are called to be ONE.

Christian Renewal

The Gospel is about change. The process of renewal touches on every part of our experience.

Christian Healing

The Gospel is about making people whole. We are all damaged bruised people in need of the healing which only God can give.

Maranatha Vision

Our defining vision – the world transformed by a radical gospel message of hope, truth and love

A Matter Of Life Or Death

Critical analysis of the spiritual, moral, social and economic crisis facing the UK.

British Values

Definitive statement of fundamental British values and their origins


God’s call to make a Difference

The Gospel of Jesus is about life and transformation. Those who choose His life become life‐givers with the power to transform the world.

What On Earth Are We Doing To Our Children?

Disturbing report into the damage being inflicted on children in the UK, and worldwide, by contemporary secular influences.

Global Persecution

Report detailing thousands of cases worldwide of persecution of Christians this century.

New Independent Schools Standards –

Our response to the Dept for Education asserts the need for an overarching spiritual and moral compass rooted in our foundational British values


A written Constitution ? –

A submission to the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee of the House of Commons.

Out-of-School Education Settings-

Our response forewarns the Dept for Education that inspection of church teaching will cause immense harm to our British way of life.


Awareness of Who I Am

How God speaks to each one of us through scripture

Listening To God

The importance of stillness and silence in order to hear God

The Voice of God –

Exploring the many ways in which God speaks to us and how we can hear Him

A Spiritual Check-Up –

A check-list to help empower us in the service of the Lord


Exploring balance in all aspects of Christian life

Finding My True Home

A reflection on Jesus’ promise “I will not leave you as orphans…”

Growth In Christ –

An examination of our life-changing journey towards spiritual growth

The Promises of Jesus –

Reminders of the binding promises Jesus makes to us, to sustain us in our faith

The questions of Jesus

Jesus asked many questions which challenged His hearers. He continues to ask us questions today.


Christian Healing

An introductory analysis of the nature and significance of healing

Christ’s Healing Way

An exhaustive analysis of the nature of suffering and the meaning of healing

Generational Healing

A detailed background study of genetic inheritance and the efficacy of healing

Life Prayer

Teaching notes on Maranatha’s healing ministry Life Prayer

A Life Prayer

Praying through your whole life from conception to conclusion.

Healing of Relationships

Teaching notes on this important area of Christ’s healing ministry

Healing In The Community –

Introduction to our healing ministry, which is integral to the life of Maranatha

Deliverance Ministry

The recognition of demonic reality has been consistent throughout the life of the Christian Church.


Uncensored –

A viscerally powerful testimony of childhood abuses and God’s power to heal

Our Living Miracle

Deeply moving testimony of the Lord’s wondrous healing of Yvonne, daughter of Linda, following a near-fatal accident

Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord Will Provide

The miraculous story of the Lord’s provision of the Taste and See Bookshop and Maranatha office


About Prayer

An exploration of the nature and practice of prayer, with guidance and examples

Praying The Bible

A book of personal prayers from scripture, brought to new life

Praying The Gospel

A book of living prayers rooted in the New Testament

Praying The Psalms

A pilgrimage of prayer comprising extracts from the Book of Psalms

Prayers & Meditations Today –

A collection of poignant prayers born of spiritual insights from God

The Cross of Christ –

Thoughts, prayers and meditations on the suffering of Jesus as an example to us

Shalom CD –

A collection of inspiring and restorative prayers, beautifully set to music

Shalom Prayer

The beautiful guiding prayer of Maranatha, read by millions worldwide, in various languages

About Love

Prayers and reflections on the wondrous gift of love

About Love CD

A companion to the Shalom CD, featuring inspiring prayers and meditations set to music.

From Darkness Into Light

A booklet of illustrated prayers to help us face our unhappiness and offer the darkness to God

Walking With God

Prayers and meditations to invigorate and inspire us on our pilgrim journey.

Christian Prayer

What prayer is, and examples of prayers from around the world.

Contemplative Prayer –

How a profound spiritual union with God bears rich fruit in every aspect of our lives

Stillness and Contemplation –

How to experience peace in a noisy world

Prayer in the Community

Introduction to the elements that make up the life of prayer of the Community

The Daily Office

Four-week series of daily midday prayers spoken in the Maranatha Prayer Room

Office of Compline

A time of prayer for all Maranatha members who pray at 10pm daily

Prayer For A Christian Community

Prayer for God’s light and truth to cleanse and free the whole community

Liturgy of Faith, Hope and Power

Prayers of calling & response for preparation, thanksgiving and power.

Forming and Running Prayer Cells

A guide to setting up Maranatha Prayer Cells in your locality

An Exploration of Adoration & Worship

Encountering God is personal prayer & adoration

God’s Call to Worship

with insert on practical guidelines to worship

Rachel’s Prayer

A prayer for protection, guidance and wisdom for all young people

Maranatha Community Prayers

A set of inspiring prayers from disciples of Jesus, past and present, including our Commitment Prayer

Come Lord Jesus

A gentle, invocational prayer of welcome inviting the Lord into our lives

At A Time Of Need

Trusting prayer of entreaty for the Lord’s help and healing

Stillness Before God

Prayers of surrender to the will and service of the Lord

Devotion and Dedication

Nine powerful prayers spanning the centuries of Christian devotion

From This Moment

A humble prayer of commitment to the Lord despite our unknowing

God of Security and Comfort

Meditations on the sureness of God’s presence even in times of darkness

Rooted In God

Resolute prayers of the early saints and martyrs of Christianity

Let Me Walk With You

A meditation on Jesus offering to walk with us in time of need

The Innocents

A visceral, prayerful cry to love, nourish and protect our children

Let God Love You

Meditative prayers to breathe in God’s stillness and peace

Hand in Hand

Prayer inviting pilgrims to walk together in strength, hope and faith

The Peace of God

Fifteen beautiful blessings from scripture


Reflections on Jesus coming to us, and his desire for us to come to him

Jesus my Rock

Reflections on the trustworthy nature of Jesus

Union with God

God is with us always and wants us to know this

Prayer Pack

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Encountering God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

Following God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

Jesus ~ Our Saviour

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

Kneeling before God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

Living with God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

Oneness in God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

Our Identity in God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

Our Need of God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

The Cross ~ A sign of Hope

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

The God who Comes

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

The Healing Presence of God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

The Pilgrimage with God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

The Rejection of God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

The Urgency of God’s Call

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

The Way of God

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

Watching, Waiting

Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
Published Feb 2016

Set of books
Thoughts, Prayers, Meditations by Dennis Wrigley.
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Know / Teach

Our Christian Identity

The de-Christianising of the United Kingdom (pub 2008)

Western Culture & the Christian Gospel

Evidence based review of changes in society in the United Kingdom in 2003.

The State of Israel – An Appraisal

Report from the Maranatha Spearhead Group

Islam – An Appraisal

A consideration of the emergence of Islam in the UK and its implications for society.

Open Letter To Muslim Leaders

Letter to Muslim leaders proposing Muslim-Christian dialogue on fundamental areas of divergence


An overview of this Islamic concept of changing one’s religious beliefs


Briefing Paper about this Buddhist technique being promoted in schools and the NHS

Reiki – A Warning

A briefing explaining how this healing technique is incompatible with Christianity


Briefing paper on the dangers of this drug and the long-term harm


Briefing Paper setting out the facts, arguments and evidence in relation to euthanasia


Briefing Paper on this cult

The Enneagram

Briefing Paper on this occultic personality categorisation system

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Briefing paper on this cult

Yoga – A Consideration

Thorough investigation into the origins and aims of yoga from the Christian perspective


Christian Fellowship & the life of the Church

True and False New Age

Comparison of the newness of the Christian Gospel with so-called ‘New Age’ beliefs.

A brief glossary of ‘isms’

what do they mean ?


An exploration of prophecy, prophets and prophetic words


Some thoughts for the Maranatha Community

Christians Standing Together

The non-negotiable truths of the Gospel


Assessment of the nature of idolatry in modern life

Holy Spirit

Basic Christian teaching on the third person of the Godhead.

Servant Leadership –

An evaluation of the true nature of effective leadership as exemplified by Jesus

Spiritual Warfare

In our present age we are being presented constantly with the images of false gods. The Lord intends us to face the attacks of the enemy. To do this we need to put on the whole armour of God.

Spiritual Warfare

Introductory notes for Christians on Spiritual battles

The Fire of God –

Reflections on fire as a symbol of God’s dynamic presence in the world

The Call Of God And Our Response –

God raises us up to speak out today just as he did the Old Testament prophets

The Cry Of The Lord –

How the words God spoke to Ezekiel offer hope and clarity to the world today

Warning Words –

Warnings in scripture to hear and submit to God’s word

‘Choose Life’ Words

Prophetic revelations and prayers of the Holy Spirit received by Dennis Wrigley


words given to the Kairos Group in 2008

Arranging a Maranatha House Meeting –

to enable people to gather together to discover the vision of the Maranatha Community.

Arranging a Maranatha Gathering –

preparation, planning, practicalities, programme, prayer.

Forming A Local Group –

Guidance on forming and sustaining a local Maranatha group near you

Secular Humanism

the implications for our faith and society.

How to Survive University as a Christian

Useful insight and advice for young Christians entering Higher Education

Online Bookshop

Our Literature, Books, CD’s, DVD’s etc.


Maranatha ‘Pointers’ and other news

Archive News

Newsletters and other news from 2008 to 2017.