Nothing is right.

Nothing is wrong.

Nothing is good.

Nothing is bad.

Nothing is true.

Nothing is false.

God,I'm confused.

Spiralling into
A constant
Pool of uncertainty,

Chaos, confusion.

Their chaos,  their confusion,  their lies.

They tell me to -
Be creative;
Invent my own truth.
They tell me
I am justice.
I alone can
Solve my problems.
They tell me -
Tolerate everything.
They tell me
Say no
To all truths.

They tell me
Better to doubt
Than believe.
They tell me
God! What God?

And I'm confused.

Lord, they are lost.

And I am not.

You are the light
In dark places.
You are the shepherd
For the lost.

You are the bread
For the hungry.
You are the water
For the thirsty.

You are the way.

You are the truth.

You are the life.

Keep me close to you Lord.