Where are You taking me?

What are You going to do -

With my life?

To be honest,

I'm kind of scared;

Of what my friends

Will think,

Of how the rest

Will react.

I'm worried too;

About failing, halfway.

The world nowadays
Is a bunch of disasters,
A record of failures,
A walk to loneliness.

But Lord, you've promised -

You'll always be with me;

You'll never leave me.

And You keep your promises.

Call me to trust You,

Now; always.

In everything,

In every situation.

No matter how bad

The situation might look.

No matter how uncomfortable

I may feel.

I want to trust in You -

And You alone.

Set me free
From all the depression,
All the loneliness,
All the purposelessness.

I'll never, ever walk alone

If I walk your way.

Lord Jesus, make me yours.