My Phone

I snap,

I tweet.

Words in,

Words out.

Pics in,

Pics out.

While I'm sleeping,

Waking,  walking,  working.

This thing in my hand -

Don't want to lose it;

Will forever use it.

Dare not lose touch,

Must not be left out;

Out of the loop.

A constant chattering,

A tiring search,

An endless joke.

People need people,
Constantly; desperately.

Yet closer to me
Is the one who made
My eyes, my ears,
My mouth, my mind,
And all of me.

Near, wherever I go,

Near, whatever I do.

Crowd Him out
And I pull back
From what is real.

No direction, no compass;

No purpose, no real friend.

Is He waiting for my call?.

Have I ignored His call?.

Discover more to life

Than endless messaging.

He has so much to say.

And it's all good,

And real,

And now.