Follow Jesus?

No I'm fine. Being me.

The way I look.  Doing alright. Got friends.

Not really interested.

In God.

In anything.

 My life is fine.

My looks.

How I'm seen.

My clothes.

Where I've been.

My feelings.


Let others feed the hungry,
Make friends with the lonely,
Look after the old,
Talk about serious things.

I've got my life

To live and enjoy.

I don't want your interference; your morals.

I live my way; do what I want.

Here and now.

I want excitement,
Not a boring religion; to OBEY.
Let others be religious.

I mean...

It's not as if anything lasts.


Deep, deep down...

...I'm not that happy.

I feel like a balloon
About to pop.
Nothing left.
Breaking the speed limit;
I'm a whirlwind
Of confusing emotions.
I feel I'm going
To crash.

 It's scary.

Help me.

Even if I said
Leave me alone.

Don't go.

God, help me.