We began with a prayer. Our community is prayer.

Prayer is relationship. Intimacy.

Prayer is as natural as breathing.

God. And you.

Asking. Waiting. Listening. Trusting.

Jesus prayed himself. Prayer works.

Members of Maranatha are welcome to join our staff in Midday Prayers, by watching the livestreamed video below.

The prayers are at 12-noon each weekday and last under 15 minutes. You can download the order of service so you can join in with the responses here ➤

Got the answers?

Be humble. Pray. God will speak to you.

Is peace in your heart?

Be still. Pray. Peace will come.

Need help with a problem? Someone you know in pain?

Be open. Trust. Pray.

God will show the way. He already has.

God’s purpose. God’s presence. Do you sense it?

Quiet. Listen. Pray.

Pray and pray again.

God will reveal Himself. One way or another.

Try it.

Prayer Request

Maranatha began with a prayer.  Our Community is prayer.

We will always pray for you.  And pray with you.  Whatever your need.

Ask us here:

*Your prayer request will be treated in confidence and we will only contact you with regard to this request.

And you can join a prayer group, talk to us about prayer and discover more here: