About Maranatha

Nine words

Maranatha is a free, open and loving community of Christian believers active in all the churches throughout the country and abroad. We pray and work for UNITY, RENEWAL and HEALING in the Church and all the nations. We share a passion for unity between Christians and for peace and reconciliation in the world.

We yearn for renewal of faith in our land and in our churches and believe that the healing ministry should be central to the work and life of the Church. We are not a church or a breakaway. We seek to encourage and strengthen local churches by encouraging and equipping one another to be more effective Christians where we live, work and worship.

Three further words - SIMPLICITY, POVERTY and URGENCY have influenced our Community life. We aim to live and speak the simple Gospel, walking a path of spiritual poverty.

We hold fast to the core truths of the Christian faith, claiming nothing more than to be little brothers and sisters of Jesus. We sense a great urgency in the face of the crisis in the churches and in society. We are essentially a praying, listening and loving community.

In 2010 another three words were given ALIGNMENT, ALLEGIANCE and SUBMISSION. We believe that the Lord wants our Community to be a catalyst for alignment, in the Body of Christ. We believe this will come as we live out our allegiance to Jesus as our only Lord, in submission to the will of God and to one another within the Body of Christ.

The Community's Life

The Community is governed by the National Co-ordinating Hub which meets regularly. Oversight is by a Core Leadership of three. All decisions are made when we are of one heart and mind.

The Community is committed to a balance of prayer and action. An International Prayer letter is published quarterly. Many Prayer Cells meet weekly using a prayer letter sent each Monday. There are a number of local Maranatha Groups. Residential teaching and fellowship weekends and a programme of contemplative retreats are offered.

Prophetic words have been formative for us. Since 1993 we have engaged in public witness, including Parliamentary work, speaking for truth, righteousness and justice in this nation and for those suffering persecution worldwide. Our publication ‘Trumpet Call’ alerts members to matters of concern for prayer and action.


Words given to our Community...

“There is no doubt that God has raised up Maranatha ‘for such a time as this’.”

Campbell McAlpine
  1918 – 2009

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