Be still and get to know God. It will change your life.

Jesus who? Some carpenter?

No-one had even heard of him. Anonymous of Nazareth.

Until the desert. Forty days. A test. The embrace of emptiness.

Stillness. Solitude. Silence.

Attentive. Hearing God. Trusting Father.

And so to clarity. A calling. A deeper purpose.

Peace. Prayer. Preparation.

“Be still and know that I am God”

…then he walked back out. And changed the world. For ever.

Modern life can be overwhelming. Frenzied. Deafening.

What happens when we stop? Switch off. Unplug.

The most challenging journey of your life. That’s what.

You and God. Alone. The rest can wait.

Not doing. Not frantic. No rush. No deadlines.

God’s love is for you. Not for what you do. He craves your attention.

Get to know Him. It will change your life.

Maranatha retreats and weekend gatherings are a time of wonder and transformation.