We seek truth. We speak out. We act.

Debt, terror, mass migration, war, climate change, child abuse, corrupt banks, broken politics, fractured communities, family breakdown, apathy, despair, mental ill-health and suicide...

A perfect storm. Of our own making.

All of us at sea. Helpless. Hiding below deck.

How on earth did we get here?
How will we ever find safe harbour?
Who do we look to for answers?

Jesus spoke the truth without fear. He intervened to transform lives.

A world-changer. He chose a horrific death to save others.

So what about us? What should we do?

God calls us to love. So……we pray. We discern truth. We speak out. We act.

As one.

We put others first. Always. The common good.

We conduct research, gather evidence, submit findings to Parliament, sponsor debate and advise decision-makers on issues affecting us all.

Our example makes a difference. How you live your life does too.

Why not join us? Yours will be a unique contribution. We truly value it.

Our Vision and Christian Values underpin our active mission, and you can find much more information about our work here: