Sit back and enjoy our unique video footage.

Prayer is natural. Prayer is relationship. Prayer works. Prayer is for everyone.
Anytime. Anywhere. Discover the power of prayer in this short film.

Faith in Politics?  Highlights of the Maranatha Lecture by Bishop Angaelos OBE on the Middle East, Islam, Daesh, the refugee crisis and Christianity as a moral compass for the world.

Highlights of our Quinta gathering 2016 provide a brief glimpse into the immense power and sheer joy of our loving and united community.

Britain and the EU. What’s it really all about? What about God? The Bible? History? Democracy? The Rule of Law? This powerful short film will open your eyes.

“It’s A Yes From The Lord!” God-given talents shine across a sea of love and gales of laughter on this wondrous night in Shipston-On-Stour, 2015.

Justice, freedom and democracy. Our very foundations. Gifts from God and history. All crumbling.

Watch this. Wake up. Rise up.