Connect with Maranatha via The City

Our mission is to build a strong, united and inter-connected Community. How can we achieve this more quickly and easily for all of us?

We now have an amazing tool to help us - a secure online communications tool for members called ‘The City’.

What is The City?

The City is a powerful, easy-to-use communications platform to help keep us all better connected and build a stronger community. The City is also a great way for new members to connect with us and get involved.

You can use The City online, on your mobile and by linking it to your e-mail.

Maranatha groups, prayer cells, events and individuals can all organise and communicate instantly via The City. You can enlist help with a specific need, control your calendar, share news, photos and videos, plan meetings, support campaigns and even post small ads!

And don’t worry – we will help you get started and provide ongoing support.

How do I join The City?

Maranatha members receive a direct invitation from us and can connect to The City in a matter of seconds.

If you are not yet a Maranatha member simply call us on 0161 748 4858 or you can connect with us here.