Maranatha - Healing

Research into Healing

All followers of Jesus are part of the healing Body of Christ

As a Community we are always open to learn more of the way in which God heals today. Over many years God has brought people with areas of understanding or expertise into contact with the Community. When those from different perspectives and disciplines come together in unity we receive new revelation from God.

We ask the Lord to teach us how to pray

Our research into healing starts with the prayer that God will teach us how to pray and teach us His healing ways. We are keen to extend our enquiry of the Lord into many areas of interest such as diet, lifestyle and other relevant factors. We are therefore delighted to be introduced to those with whom we can share and learn.

We believe God can use traditional medicine to heal.

Maranatha Community includes many from the medical and associated disciplines. Those who have been trained in an understanding of the human body have an important role to play in our research into healing. The Council for Health & Wholeness is a partner organisation to Maranatha.

Alternative therapies - alternatives to God?

Our research includes study of various alternative healing techniques that are available. Many of these are occultic or New Age in origin. A particular concern in this area is the widespread use of Reiki - a briefing paper is available on this.

Area of interest

In addition to learning from others who are involved in inner healing ministry, we have written material outlining our experience of healing in the following areas: generational healing, healing homosexuality, healing in Northern Ireland.

Words given to our Community...

“God has given Maranatha a vision of Christians united and renewed in the faith being used by the Lord to bring His healing to hurting people and a broken world.”

Alan Dale

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