Maranatha - Healing

A Healing Community

All healing is from Jesus Christ

The Bible teaches us that all healing is from God (Jer 17:14). Jesus Christ is God become man and He healed many people. Through His death on the cross and resurrection we can receive the same healing from Him today (Isa 53:5).

Healing is available for everyone

Jesus has always healed people irrespective of their colour, creed or nationality and He still heals in the same way today for anyone who puts their trust in Him.

The healing body of Christ

When there is unity in the body of Christ - the Church - we see healing.

Every prayer for healing is answered!

Being healed and being cured are not the same thing, although healing may involve a miraculous cure. It is, however, possible to be healed without being cured and to be cured without being healed. God knows our true need better than we do.

Healing is a journey

We believe healing is a journey towards wholeness of body, mind and spirit: it is putting right all relationships - our relationships with others, with ourselves, with the whole of creation and fundamentally, our relationship with God. We pray for healing in families, communities and nations.

Prayer for healing is available

Prayer for healing is available at all Marantha gatherings or by personal appointment via the Maranatha office.

More about our healing ministry

We have published a wide range of Christian healing resources which are available on our website and via the Maranatha office.

Words given to our Community...

“God has given Maranatha a vision of Christians united and renewed in the faith being used by the Lord to bring His healing to hurting people and a broken world.”

Alan Dale

Featured resources and upcoming events

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