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Praying, serving and walking together for the glory of God

Maranatha is a vibrant, living, Community of thousands of Christians, united in the Body of Christ. We are active across all Christian denominations, with a growing international network. As a scattered community we are totally committed to support and encourage the various local churches of which we are a part. Maranatha is a movement of the Holy Spirit – we are a community of love and prayer.

We hold fast to the central truths of the Christian faith and strongly affirm the Lordship of Christ. Drawn from all nations and traditions, we explore the radical demands of the Christian Gospel.

For over 30 years our members have been walking together as one. There have been many and varied Maranatha initiatives, local groups and gatherings in towns and cities across the UK and abroad. We seek to listen attentively together to the Holy Spirit and to go wherever God leads us.

Our foundation, identity and ministry are centred on unity, healing and renewal and our aim is to help people in their walk as Christians where they live, work and worship.

Will you walk with us?

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NEW WINE – NEW WINESKINS A NEW thing is happening. “New” means that we can’t see it yet,...


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